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Title: Broadband triangular monopole antenna
Authors: Wong, Wing Huen
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Leung, K W. Assessor: Dr. Wong, W K
Abstract: A broadband triangular planar monopole antenna for application on base station terminals is studied in this project. The proposed antenna shows bandwidth enhancement by cutting U-shaped slot on the triangular monopole and folding the base angle of the triangular monopole into a step-shaped. Compared to a corresponding planar triangular monopole antenna, the proposed antenna shows improved (~10% greater) impedance bandwidth of 66.10%. A large operating coverage is demonstrated by the stable omni-directional and conical radiation pattern across the pass-band. An optimization and analysis of a triangular planar monopole antenna was also given that the effects of various parameters, such as the dimension of ground plane and the feed gap on the operation of the antennas are being investigated.
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