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Title: Smart Feng Shui Compass for office audit (iPhone/iPad version)
Authors: Wang, Yan
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Po, L M; Assessor: Dr. Yeung, Alan K H
Abstract: The main objective of this project is to enhance the functionality of the Smart Feng Shui Compass (SFSC) for iPad and iPhone platforms. SFSC uses the built-in digital compass of mobile devices to implement Feng Shui theories and provide suggestions to house design. In this project, minor typos and long response time of previous are first fixed with new program structure. A new function that helps users identify their floor plans automatically is also added in the new version. The major enhancement of this new version is introduction of business Feng Shui application of the compass. With different business types, the application cannot only be used to evaluate house Feng Shui, but also office Feng Shui. In addition, more complex Feng Shui knowledge is implemented in this application providing accurate and professional Feng Shui evaluation. It makes Feng Shui theories easier to understand and allow more people learn and use Feng Shui in daily life.
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