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Title: Web application: I.T. Enterprise Information System (ITEIS) - Atos Information Technology (Hong Kong) Limited
Authors: Wu, Chun Kit
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Leung, Andrew Chi Sing; Assessor: Dr. Tsang, Peter Wai Ming
Abstract: This project is a web application it is called "I.T. Enterprise Information System (hereinafter title is referred to as "ITEIS"). The main purpose is to provide an online information system to accommodate Atos's future development. I was required to move the Atos's departmental databases from the Windows application view to web application- browser view (It is more convenient to all staff in Atos, as they needn't to install or run any windows application), and further forms a single online information system from multiple data sources. In usability view, ITEIS provides a good united user interface (user friendly). In business view, it will be a user-driven information system based on information entered by per departmental staff in the course of their work, but not designated data managers. In security view, access control will be deployed and this system is for Atos's internal use via intranet According to the software policy in Atos, there are around 150 Atos's computers were installed with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard, therefore Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard is our platform to build our database. Also, the web interface will be design by Microsoft Visual studio 2010. It is simply because Microsoft Visual studio 2010 is a very popular business tool and offers a familiar Microsoft Office experience to me for speeding up my software development. Also, it provides a full set of tools that we can use to create any kind of site, and it simplifies the site management with strong.NET framework infrastructure that simplifies site management. The outcomes of this project: For Atos, savings in cost of administration per departmental database was delivered by ITEIS ideally. Also, a united user interface was provided. For our knowledge, we hope that we can explore in what way business intelligence is achieved in practical terms- Data warehousing. From the design perspective, testing database will be built in SQL Server 2005 Standard. They are "Adventure Works" and "North Wind". ASP.NET web application with windows authentication is adopted in security. Meanwhile, the interface of application will be built as well as coding for filtering data and user customized data grid view to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals. In addition, User could manually create the various templates and customize them to suit their needs. Also, ITEIS will provide the functions that show the statistics graphs and charts and generate various reports in Word, PDF and Excel spreadsheets. Since this is a joint project, I will build this project with another one student. We think the reliability of our product should be very important. Therefore, we have done it by "Comparison Testing Strategy". Each of us will develop a different version of web application by same specification. Finally, two versions will be executed in parallel with real time, and then compare the results between these two application for ensuring the data consistency
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