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Title: E-learning System
Authors: Chow, Kin Man
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Sung, Albert C W; Assessor: Prof. Chen, Jie
Abstract: E-learning makes study more efficient and interactive. SEB Asia Ltd intended to install an e-learning system in the office, and provide some courses for the staff to learn the company operation. In this project, I provided a solution of an e-learning system to SEB Asia Ltd. It is a web-based system that built by PHP. Zend Framework is embedded in the system to provide Model-View-Controller architecture and handle the basic security issues. To make the system more interactive and user friendly, a lot of "Web 2.0" technologies are applied in it, such as AJAX, Tagging, and Cloud Computing. Users can upload teaching materials to the system and view the content on the web browser directly. The system accepts most of the common document and video formats and it will convert the material to HTML or specified format. It also provides a fully complete privacy control for the use, including grouping and user tagging for the courses and teaching materials. Moreover, a fancy assessment system is also built in the system. To make the system more easy to use and interactive, the UI design has a large weight in this project, for example, animation and drag-and-drop gesture are applied in the system. To balance between the time and the quality of the project, not all functions are suggested to build in the project specification. The project will be extended with SEB Asia Ltd in the future.
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