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Title: Motion sensor and zigBee in taekwondo system (hardware and software design) - Sengital Limited
Authors: Tsang, Siu Lung
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Mr. Ng, K T; Assessor: Mr. Chau, W N
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to improve the Taekwondo competition system by using ZigBee and Motion Sensors. Nowadays, most Taekwondo competition systems have been controlled by wired scoring system and the user interface of scoring software are not usable enough. By implementation of the project devices, four wireless remote controls with ZigBee make the scoring system be more flexible that can reduce setting time before competition; Body gears embedded with tactile sensors and ZigBee can not only regulate the accuracy and fairness of the competition, but also show the strength of force hitting by players for training purpose; Hand/Leg Gear embedded with IMU including accelerometer and Gyro provide data to find out the magnitude of force hitting. Combination of Body gear and Hand/Leg Gear helps system scoring automatically. Besides, compared with existing software, the new one is designed with more functions and simple to use by adding tables to regulate the accuracy of judges’ decision, to show strength and value of force hitting by players, and interface for the main judge to control the competition. The contribution of this project is good for the future development of Taekwondo due to more accuracy and user-friendly than the original one.
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