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Title: Smart Feng Shui compass for office audit (Android version)
Authors: Kwok, Tsz Sing
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Po, Lai Man; Assessor: Dr. Yeung, Alan K H
Abstract: Nowadays, Feng Shui is a very popular system within the Chinese community. Since 2009, our project team has started to develop a mobile application that is user-friendly in IPhone or Android phone, which is called the "Smart Feng Shui Compass". It combines different theories together and developed based on the built-in sensor of Smartphone and provides different useful Feng Shui suggestions. The main objective of this project is to enhance the functionality of the Smart Feng Shui Compass for Android platforms. In this project, the problem on supporting different display resolutions and devices of previous version is solved with new program structure. One of major enhancement is it provides new Feng Shui suggestions that are suitable for business nature. With different business types, the application not only is used to evaluate house Feng Shui, but also office Feng Shui. Meanwhile, there is a new function can allow users to identify their floor plans automatically. Furthermore, more complex Feng Shui knowledge is implemented in this application providing accurate and professional Feng Shui evaluation. Eventually, a comprehensive Feng Shui application is produced so as to provide Feng Shui theories easier to be understood and allow more people learn and use Feng Shui in daily life.
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