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Title: Running tracking system(1)
Authors: Koo, Chak Kei
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Leung, S H; Assessor: Dr. So, H C
Abstract: This project aims at developing a tracking system. The system could track human acceleration, velocity and distance. A 9 degree of freedom motion sensor is used throughout the project, which is tied on the foot of a human body. Many different trials of walking were then conducted to collect data of the walking movement. The data collected includes acceleration and gyroscope data (angular rate). These data were then analyzed and match with the walking gait of human walking. A tracking system could then be developed. The tracking system involves tracking distance travelled on a straight road. Also, the depth and height travelled in climbing stairs. The measurement was done first. The data can then be put back into computer for data tracking, using the program developed through the analysis. Finally, the program was turned into a real time program to track with the straight road travelled distance.
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