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Title: Homemade laser engraver
Authors: Tam, Kwok Kwan
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Chow, Y T; Assessor: Prof. Wong, Hei
Abstract: The report will describe the basic background of the laser engraver, and then discusses the methodologies of hardware and software. Next, it shows the implementations of one example. Afterwards, it gives the results and discussions. Finally, it gives the overall conclusion. This project aims to make a small size laser engraver with some basic functions. For example, after entering a text or picture from the computer, the machine can engrave the object automatically. In order to study the principles of different software applications, it requires constructing a mechanism and some softwares are used to communicate the computer (user's request) with the laser engraver to transmit data to engrave. Finally, how to create some innovative products are considered. The results show that for simple text or image, the machine can engrave properly. Besides, it is found that for some complicated images, the machine cannot give a desirable result and it cannot engrave many details of the products. However, this problem can be solved and the details will be stated later. Finally, this laser engraver can perform some basic functions with a considerable cost and with the help of different softwares, some problems can also be solved. Most of the engraved products with a little addition can become souvenirs and decorations.
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