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Title: Android camera car – Sengital Ltd.
Authors: Ng, Kwok Yin
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Lau, Ricky W H; Assessor: Dr. Cheung, Ray C C
Abstract: Android OS, developed by Google, is a hot topic in recent years. Traditional remote-control car is limited user experience in distance and views. In this group project, we aim to find a solution to present a new game experience on remote-controlled car - playing the car with the first-person view likes a driver while driving a car in the real world. This system has two parts, car part and Android device part. In car part system, it is designed on embedded Android platform that bases on Linux kernel, which transmits real time encoded video signals to an Android device via WiFi, meanwhile, it receives controlling commands such as car movement, servo control and video recording, which are conducted from the Android device controlled by game player. In Android device part, it receives video signal and decode it on the screen and, user can send commands to control the car part any time. After initial testing, we observed that the quality and stability of video streaming performed well in high speed CPU devices but did not perform well in low one. Therefore, we developed an alternate algorithm to improve it and then video streaming becomes more stable and with high quality.
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