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Title: Advanced role play game 4
Authors: Chau, Tsun Yip
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Wong Eric W M. Assessor: Mr. Chau W N
Abstract: Group Abstract: Our project is to create more new playing features that do not exist in the game industry. In this project, we will develop a network based multi-player war game. The definition of a good game is varying between different people. Some may think beautiful computer graphic is the most important and someone may think of game systems. We will focus on the game systems and use Object Oriented approach to implement the game system by C++ with Microsoft DirectX 9.0. This game includes some new systems such as dynamic building system, troops leading system and we try to build a virtual world that need players’ cooperation to win the game. This should make people have more interactive and try to simulate a real war between two or more countries. It should make a positive competition to current game industry and make them not only consider on the graphics, also players can have a choice between dull multi-player game and ours. Individual Abstract: In this group project, my responsibilities are to develop Artificial Intelligent and client side program of the game including collision detection, pathfinding, grouping method, state machine and some of the implementation on game map. I use the C++ language and STL (stand template library) implement the AI coding and need to find a lot of AI articles to learn the methods that are commonly applying on the game. Because finding material on the web is the fastest way to get the latest information and easily to acquire needed information. In our game, non-player character can perform some of the artificial life style and grouping behavior. AI is a very important part of a game and it is directly affecting the game interesting or not.
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