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Title: Client-server mobile middleware in Android devices - Citycom. Ltd.
Authors: Ng, Wing Kwong
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Ko, K T; Assessor: Dr. Chan, Sammy C H
Abstract: With fast development in technology, smart phone becomes an essential part of our life as mobile applications become more powerful. Android and iOS dominate the smart-phone market share and Android is becoming the largest OS for smartphones. Moreover, an increasing number of applications are built with client-server model to enhance the functionality of mobile application. Thus a middleware that provides the common and basic features for building client-server applications is needed. It can be useful to developers by reducing coding workload and development time. Middleware is a class of software that provides services to applications beyond those available from the operating systems. This project focuses on providing middleware on client-server applications in Android platform. Generally, there are three middleware parts which provide black-box services on communication, storage and processing in Android platform in client side and java platform in server side. In communication part, three main parts are provided for message transfer, message broadcast, and file transfer. In storage part, two different parts are provided for accessing and checking features in database at server side and storing file feature at mobile client side. As for the processing part, it focuses on processing data using cryptography for the communication parts.
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