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Title: An online price analysis system for smartphones
Authors: Lee, Jordan Ka Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Chow, Ted Chi Yin; First Reader: Dr. Wang, Jiying; Second Reader: Prof. Li, Qing
Abstract: Mobile phones have become ingrained all around the world. Due to their portable size and incredible convenience, nearly everyone holds one mobile phone. Also, the relative affordability of mobile phones makes them useful and essential in many ways such as emergencies, entertainment and conversations. More and more functions continue to add in mobile phones. It is very easy to find a device that act like phones, cameras and computers all in one handy and small package. Due to inflation, daily necessities, food become more and more expensive. When we shop in the supermarket, we would like to know if we buy the cheapest products. Also, we want to know whether other supermarkets or stores will provide a cheaper price. Or, we want to compare today’s price of products with last seven days. This project is aiming to implement a price analysis system on the platform of Google Android that can provide relevant price information to customers. The project explored the great functionality and flexibility of Google Android Phone. Moreover, different development techniques and programming tools are briefly discussed, including JSON and Google Maps implementation. In completing the project, different technologies like current location detection, route planning and charting will be examined. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide an inspiration of extra development on future mobile price analysis system to provide price information for customers to overcome current limitations.
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