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Title: iPhone based crime report system
Authors: Ho, Flora Ying Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2012
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Wong, Duncan Shek; First Reader: Dr. Ng, Sam Tze Hin; Second Reader: Dr. Yu, Yuen Tak
Abstract: Accidents cannot be avoided in the daily life. Whenever we face emergencies, most of us will dial 999 hotline and request for police assistant. However, sometimes it might be difficult for us to describe the situation and accurate location verbally especially when we are under great pressure. Nowadays, the number of people who owns a smartphone keeps on increasing and functions like global positioning, video recording and photos taking are common in a smartphone. In fact, if we can combine all these functions to help reporting an incident, it will be more efficient and effective for the police to handle the emergency service requests. For example, GPS can accurately shows the incident location while photos and videos can help police to evaluate the seriousness of the incident. This project, iPhone Based Crime Report System, aims to provide a new platform to help victims or witnesses to report emergencies accurately and concisely with the help of GPS and other content forms. This system contains two major components. One of them is the iPhone application designed for the Hong Kong citizens for reporting incidents while the other one is the web application which helps police communication officers to handle the reported emergencies.
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