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Project No.: 6000315
Title: Development of an Interactive Web-based Self-learning Package: Integrating Theory into Practice
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies (SS)
Principal Investigator: Kwok, Sylvia Yuk-ching Lai
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2012
Commencement Date: 01-Nov-2010
Completion Date: 31-Dec-2011
Abstract: The self-learning package is designed for our bachelor and master social work students (about 480) to supplement their classroom learning in counseling knowledge and skills. As the students are adult learners, they learn best when they view the knowledge to be realistic and important to them, and are relevant to their personal and professional needs. The self-learning package can facilitate them to apply the theories to their practice situations. From the case demonstrations, they can simulate and model from concrete demonstration of the counselors. New attitudes, skills and knowledge can then be assimilated by the learners and their sense of self-efficacy is enhanced. The self-learning package and their daily life experiences are also related to each other. They can apply the theories learned to reflect on, analyze their own selves and their families, which further contributes to their personal growth and development. The package can enable them to have control over when, where and how they learn. Learning can be conducted in a safe environment where anxiety and fear of failure can be minimized. The students can set their own learning goals, explored other resources, choose the methods by which they can learn best and evaluate their own progress. This fits the learning pattern of adult learners. Interactive graphics, sound, video clips can better appeal to the emotion, cognition and behavior of the students, which makes learning more impressive and effective. Since the package is a web-based one, repetition of learning is allowed to enhance memory and promote in-depth understanding. Questions in the package can help develop critical and analytical thinking. Integrated with past learning and working experiences, structured feedback from the debriefing and explanation of experienced counselors can further consolidate the students' learning. In sum, the self-learning package can create education, excitement, enthusiasm, enjoyment and energy for the learners.
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