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Project No.: 6000317
Title: Teaching Crime Prevention in Everyday Life
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies (SS)
Principal Investigator: Li, Jessica Chi-mei
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2012
Commencement Date: 01-Jan-2011
Completion Date: 31-Dec-2011
Abstract: "Teaching Crime Prevention in Everyday Life" - A discovery enrichment project supported by the University Teaching and Development Grant (TDG) of HK$99,555 -is the third phase of the TDG-funded project "Crime Issue", first implemented in 2008. Similar to the first (2008-09) and second (2009-10) phases. This project will cover a wide range of teaching and learning activities inside and outside the classroom, such as field visits, guest seminars, editorial work of a newsletter and a forum. As an improvement of the previous phases, participants of the current project took a more active role in conveying the crime prevention message to the community. Other than CityU students, community residents also were expected to benefit from the project. The results concluded from quantitative and qualitative data so far indicate that the active learning strategies applied in this project could not only enable our students to achieve the course intended outcomes but also could advance their attitude, knowledge and skills of learning.
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