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Title: PDA data dispatch system for data processing
Authors: Lau, Tsz Ying
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Wu Angus K M. Assessor: Dr. Chan Andy H P
Abstract: Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a small handy device for personal data processing. It allows data processing at anywhere and overcomes the mobility problem. This project will demonstrate the advantages of using PDA as real time application through wireless network. The idea of data processing will be implemented in nowadays hospital system since mobility is important and necessary for medical staff to manage the patient information. In this project, a server and client data dispatch system for data processing and management in hospital database are designed and developed. Most accurate and updated data are stored and updated to the database through the wireless network linked with PDA. This can have a better information management and shorten the data processing time. This can also solve the problem of the existing and traditional system by providing a more consistent, efficiently and effectively hospital system.
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