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Title: Capacity of overlayed 3G multimedia mobile networks
Authors: Tam, Kwok Yee
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Ko K T. Assessor: Dr. Chan Sammy C H
Abstract: This paper presents the performance of overlaying macro-micro cellular network structure with and without call rearrangement. In this project, some simulation models are built to investigate the effectiveness of the network structure. Multi-rate and multi QoS services with Poisson arrivals and departures are serviced in the simulations. To simplify the simulation, some physical parameters such as interference ratio and SNR are converted to the number of channels, offered traffic and blocking probability by a method [2]. The OPNET simulator is used for the evaluation of the proposal. It is a professional network simulation tool. The performance is measured as the call congestion of each service and the channel utilization of cell. Comparisons between one layer network and overlayed network are shown in this project. Moreover, to meet the QoS of specific types of services, minimum number of reserved channels and maximum number of occupied channels for each service can be set in the simulation. The result shows that “with rearrangement” algorithm enhances the overall performance of the system.
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