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Title: Enhance and Modify Network Monitoring Tool (Cacti)
Authors: Ng, Kin Shing
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2014
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. KO, K T; Assessor: Mr. NG, K T
Abstract: This project is about implementing a network monitoring tools to a networking monitoring server in the network of PCCW solution. In fact, PCCW have already installed and operating with a network monitoring server, but a backup server is required for emergency case. The backup server is a Linux based server, and then apache, Mysql, and Cacti was installed which is an open sourced network monitoring tools. Cacti allow users make changes through web browser and also plug-ins is available on internet in order to make the network monitoring device more powerful. First, setup and configure the Cacti in backup monitoring server and make it work inside the network. Then find if there any plug-in suitable for network administrator to reduce the complexity of monitoring process and make the Cacti work smoothly inside the network. Cacti can export the data one by one according to each data source but there are thousands of data sources in the database so the final part of the project is construct a platform to extract the required data and export it to the users in a useful format.
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