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Title: Multi-band Antenna including Both Near-Field and Far-Field Communications with Multi-Feeding Ports
Authors: Zhang, Lei
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2014
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. LEUNG, Kowk Wa; Assessor: Prof. LUK, Kwai-Man
Abstract: Near field communication (NFC) is a new wireless technology that enables communications within the range of several centimeters. Smartphones can use this technology to establish communications with each other by direct touching or bringing closely, e.g. payment and data transmission. Nowadays, smartphone NFC is becoming more and more popular. However, most NFC antenna now inside the phone is put either on the battery or shell. It is separated from the main antenna which provides the major GSM communications function. In this project, a multi-band and multi-port antenna which incorporates both NFC antenna (for near-field communications) and GSM 900/1800 antenna (for far-field communications) was proposed and analyzed. In this paper, the background knowledge study of NFC and GSM antennas as well as the current market situation were discussed at first. Then the design and simulation in HFSS, the PCB fabrication and the measurement by Network Analyzer and Satimo StarLab were carried. At last, the impedance matching was done and a satisfied result was achieved.
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