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Title: Mobile exercise program management application
Authors: Lau, Yuk Yeung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2014
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Yuen, Chun Hung Joe; First Reader: Dr. Xu, Hong Henry; Second Reader: Prof. Jia, Xiaohua
Abstract: Exercise is a necessary part of human life for maintaining health and keeping body fit. Having regular exercise training bring numerous benefits to human body like controlling weight, improving mental mood and reducing the risk of unhealthy conditions and diseases. To achieve on these benefits, people tend to make a schedule for their individual regular training. However, it is difficult for people to hold and keep on the training effectively. Firstly, beginners who want to start the exercise plan often lack the knowledge on how to make a training schedule fitting their own situation. In addition to the strength and frequency of exercises, suitable time and venues are also essential factors to be considered for each activity. Current schedule system is just providing prepared fixed schedules, but not making a custom schedule for user. Secondly, the planned schedule can be easily affected by uncertainty factors. It seems impossible for participants to follow the planned scheduler perfectly. Trainee need to think about how the lost exercise time can be recovered by amending the future plan, which can be a complicated work. Moreover, they lack the ways to record each training activities and monitor the overall progress effectively. It can be achieved by recording the running distance and running step. To control the progress of the plan, the manager should also allow review of past activities. We can see that it is not easy to plan a training schedule for everyone. So this mobile application is developed to be an efficient portable manager to help exerciser to hold and keep on the regular training program, and to monitor the progress of the plan to enhance its quality. This project aims at developing an application of a schedule and manager system to help users to keep on the regular training program with higher efficiency. Comparing to existing solution, the proposed product aims at reaching following two significances: (1) Intelligence Our solution makes a goal-reaching schedule for user instead of let user makes a static schedule manually. Tradition schedule system can only allow user to input their event but it is not suitable for beginner who have problems on determine their plan. So this application aims on helping user to start and keep on their plan with functions based on specific algorithms. (2) Ability to adapt uncertainty To help user keep on sufficient progress, the schedule system should have the ability of amending the original plan dynamically when uncertainties including natural factor and human factor are encountered. Besides getting natural information from the Internet, the system should always analysis current progress to amend future activities, for ensuring the quality of training program.
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