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Title: Mobile Device and Cloud Server based Intelligent Health Monitoring Systems
Authors: Ip, Lung Yuen
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. YAN, Hong; Assessor: Dr. YUEN, Kelvin S Y
Abstract: This project is to develop an android-based application for monitoring users habit of using mobile device and there include parts, which are about preventing eyestrain. This application is separated into four parts. At first, there is a repeating alert message, which will alert user to take a break in a certain time period. Also the usage habit is recorded and this record will upload to the cloud server for report. After showing several alert messages, the game part follows. In this part, user is required to focus at a flash spot, which appear randomly in the edge of screen. Eye muscle is relaxed by random focusing. There is another game that required user to memorize some simple pictures and match them after several seconds when some of them missed. During memorizing, user needs to close their eye. It makes user to blink more to prevent dry eye. Lastly, some relaxing pictures will appear after 3 times of alert message occurred. These pictures help holders to relaxed eye muscle since they are looking at these relaxing pictures or just put their focus out of the mobile device.
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