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Title: 3D Acupressure and Electronic Acupressure Android App
Authors: Lau, Yuen Mei
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2015
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. PO, L M; Assessor: Mr. NG, K T
Abstract: The main objective of this project is to develop a 3D Acupressure based health-care app on Android platform. The developed app can let users easily locate the positions of popular acupoints (穴位) and their associated information in four 3D models for supporting learning and practice of Chinese acupressure theory. Basically, this app uses 3D human body simulation to demonstrate common acupoint positions by min3d library, which is based on OPENGL ES to make users be able to check the acupoints on smartphone or tablet devices. The 3D human body is separated into four parts by Head, Hand, Foot and Whole Body. They are composed by individual 3ds format file and png format texture. Touch response of the acupoints is implemented by ray tracing method and can be compatible with most of the Android smartphone and tablet screen sizes. It brings users to browse the details of all acupoints. These details are stored by a SQLite database. It provides the names, description and the photos of the acupoints. Users can follow the suggestion to massage or stimulate the corresponding point to address some common syndromes.
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