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Title: Red mini-bus immediate route creation base on real time travel request submission via mobile device
Authors: Kung, Ling Ki
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2015
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Wang, Jiying; First Reader: Dr. Lu, Zheng; Second Reader: Mr. Lee, Chan Hee
Abstract: In this project, we are trying to develop a new business model on mini bus with the prevailing smartphone technology to solve the traffic congestion problem in Hong Kong and provide better service to passenger in terms of travel time and crowd on the vehicle. The business model try to find a balance point between bus service and taxicab which having a dynamic route and low fare at the same time. The design include an app for users to enter their destination wanted and the app will tell them to take a mini-bus that contain peoples who have same destination. The grouping will be done in a local server and the route will be generated with the Google Map API. The fare of each passenger will also be calculated. The architecture included user terminal (the smartphone app), a server for assigning passengers into buses with database storing the travel data and terminal for the minibus driver. It will be a mixture of local server (grouping passenger) and cloud software as a service model (route generating). We will build a highly completed prototype to demonstrate the idea.
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