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Project No.: 6000538
Title: Envisioning the Past: A Local History Project Reaching out to Wider Audiences
Department: Department of Chinese and History (CAH)
Principal Investigator: Lee, Vivian Pui Yin
Issue Date: 6-Jan-2017
Commencement Date: 01-Dec-2015
Completion Date: 24-Sep-2016
Abstract: This project holds that studying local history and culture does not only promote better understanding about ourselves and the place where we belong to, but helps shape our cultural identities and enables us to contribute to the development of our city. This project enables students to conduct original research and engage wider audiences through theoretical reflection and practical work. The project is divided into three stages: 1. Research and professional development: This project will facilitate students to explore local history and culture through evidences such as visual images and film documentaries; and consider the relationship between local heritage and community. 2. Intellectual exchange with secondary schools: Based on the research projects conducted by the students, selected students will offer seminars and workshops for secondary school students in promoting the study of local history and culture and enabling intellectual exchanges between participants with different learning experiences; 3. Public displays and educational activities: Working with local libraries and cultural organisations, the project will enable students to transform academic research into public displays and/or educational activities in promoting critical discussions of local history and culture in the community.
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