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Project No.: 6000518
Title: Crime Prevention Discovery Channel
Department: Department of Applied Social Sciences (SS)
Principal Investigator: Li, Jessica Chi Mei
Co-investigator: Cheung, Ray Chak-chung
Chan, Chitat
Issue Date: 6-Jan-2017
Commencement Date: 01-Jan-2015
Completion Date: 30-Jun-2016
Abstract: "Crime Prevention Discovery Channel" is an 18-month project that aims to provide students across disciplines (e.g., criminology and electronic engineering) with the opportunity to help solve crimes, especially those involving emerging forms of fraud. This project is intended to enable students to experience "knowledge discovery" and "knowledge transfer" through interdisciplinary collaboration within CityU. This project is also a collaboration between CityU and the Crime Prevention Unit of Hong Kong Police Department. Three faculty members with science and social science backgrounds, namely, Dr. Jessica Li from SS, Dr. Ray Cheung from EE, and Dr. Chan Chitat, collaborated to nurture students of new concepts by building on their own expertise. Approximately 120 students from different departments teamed up with police officers from the Crime Prevention Unit to design 12 application software (Apps). One of the applications was designed for the benefit the general public, especially the elderly (i.e.,telephone deception). The students who designed this application received the CLASS DEC award in 2016. This is the first empirical study conducted at CityU to confirm the impact of DEC teaching method on students' achievement of CILOs, innovativeness and academic performance. Empirical data have confirmed the positive impact of DEC teaching method on the aforementioned aspects.
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