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Project No.: 6000451
Title: Interactive integration of world-leading synchrotrons and neutron scattering facilities into CityU classrooms
Department: Department of Physics and Materials Science (AP)
Principal Investigator: Wang, Xun Li
Co-investigator: Ungar, Tamas
Issue Date: 6-Jan-2017
Commencement Date: 01-Feb-2014
Completion Date: 31-Jan-2015
Abstract: Spallation-Neutron-Source while one of the PhD students or/and City University staff members is carrying out an experiment at the facility. Synchrotrons or Spallation Neutron Sources are usually not included in a regular curriculum, therefore the proposed Teaching Grant will close the open gap between site specific university laboratories and the internationally available unprecedented research opportunities. To the knowledge of the principle and co-investigator the present Teaching Grant proposal is worldwide unprecedented, therefore it would also provide City University the privilege to be pioneering with this initiative.
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