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Title: 從現代性論中國現代女作家的小說作品
Other Titles: Cong xian dai xing lun Zhongguo xian dai nü zuo jia de xiao shuo zuo pin
A study on modern Chinese women writers' works from the aspect of modernity
Authors: Liu, Lu (劉璐)
Department: Department of Chinese and History
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: City University of Hong Kong
Subjects: Chinese fiction -- Women authors -- History and criticism
Women authors, Chinese -- 20th century -- History and criticism
Chinese fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism
Civilization, Modern, in literature
Notes: CityU Call Number: PL2278 .L5746 2015e
ix, 306 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm
Thesis (Ph.D.)--City University of Hong Kong, 2015.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 263-278)
Type: Thesis
Abstract: Modernity, a new perspective of literary research, has become popular in recent years. However, it still 2lacks sufficient research within the traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, modernity has often been explored from western male viewpoints and its definition has not yet been accurately clarified. To tackle the above issues, this thesis addresses the plight of Chinese female writers within Chinese literature and their imaginations of western modern society by native Chinese social environment. Based on traditional Chinese culture, this thesis aims to exhibit characteristics of modernity in Chinese literature. More specifically, this thesis investigates the experience of modernity within the novels of five modem Chinese female writers, including Yin LU (1899-1934), Xin BING (1900-1999), Shuhua LING (1900-1990), Lu GUAN (1907-1982), and Hong XIAO (1911-1942). The novels studied in this thesis were written from 1917 to 1949. The thesis explores the novels of the above five writers from four dimensions, namely family, marriage, society, and nationality. Their main focused areas are first society and marriage, followed by family and nationality. The thesis tries to investigate the reasons of their focuses taking into account of the writers' family backgrounds, growing experiences, education, ideology, and social movements, where family background and childhood experience are the primary factors. The thesis concludes that the investigated five writers being studied define modernity in Chinese literature in two aspects: self-identification of female subjectivity as well as self-examination of individuals and groups. Moreover, the thesis points out the deficiencies of the above five writers in three aspects: lack of rationality, the limitation of female subject recognition, and lack of fundamental understanding of traditional Chinese culture. 「現代性」作為文學研究的新視角近年來為學界所推崇,但基於本土文化的現代性研究仍屬缺乏。文學現代性的研究又多參照主流男性話語權,它仍未被準確地定義。 為更全面、深入地探討現代性,本論文將對現代性的討論落實在中國女性文人所遭遇的困境中,用本土社會環境替代對西方現代社會的遙遠想像。本論文立足於傳統文化的背景,以女性作家的小說為主要研究對象,目的在於通過闡釋女作家的現代性體驗與關懷來揭示中國文學現代性的表徵。 本論文著眼於自新文學出現至1949年期間的小說文本,所納入研究的有廬隱(1899-1934)、冰心(1900-1999)、凌叔華(1900-1990)、關露(1907-1982)和蕭紅(1911-1942)等五位女作家。本論文以家庭、婚姻/愛情、社會與民族/國家等四個向度檢視五位女作家的小說作品,結合文本內容和數據統計,社會及婚姻/愛情是五位女作家關注的主要領域,家庭和民族/國家位列其次。針對不同的關注領域,本論文主要從家庭及成長經歷、所受教育情況、意識形態與社會運動等方面來探究其中的原因,以家庭背景與童年經驗為首要因素。 本論文認為,五位現代女作家主要從兩方面參與對文學現代性的構建:其一是對主體身份的確認;其二是對個人及群體的反思。同時,她們的討論亦存在一定的局限和不足。主要表現在以下三個方面:一是缺乏成熟的理性精神:二是女性主體性認識上的局限;三是缺乏對傳統文化的根本認識。
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