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Title: 3D Printed Antenna with Dynamic Fluid control
Authors: Lee, Sing Yu
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Wong, Steve H; Assessor: Prof. Chan, Chi Hou
Abstract: Antenna design is now a hot topic due to the prompt development of application of wireless communication. The demand of wireless communication is overwhelming and there are different types of communication technologies provided in the market in order to suit the demand, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. By implying 3D technology into antenna field, we can highly increase the freedom of shape of antenna with lower costs in fabrication, also can provide better protection for the antenna. Dynamic Fluid control can effectively decrease the weight of antenna, which can lower the transportation cost when constructing a temporary wireless network. Beside transmitting signals, we can also use this high-sensitivity characteristic of antenna to check the quality of water, which may provide an alternative solution for the "Incident of Lead in Drinking Water" recently.
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