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Title: Constructing the present: influence of Japanese traditions on everyday life in contemporary Japan
Authors: Li, Jerome Matthieu Chun Yin (李俊賢)
Department: Department of Asian and International Studies
Issue Date: 2016
Course: AIS2918 A Portrait of Japan : Experiencing Japanese Culture
Programme: Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Asian and International Studies
Supervisor: Dr. Chan, Kobe Y. C.
Citation: Li, J. M. C. Y. (2016). Constructing the present: influence of Japanese traditions on everyday life in contemporary Japan (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)). Retrieved from City University of Hong Kong, CityU Institutional Repository.
Abstract: Meiji Restoration and the surrender of Imperial Japan after Second World War were two major events and turning points in modern Japanese history. Since then, Japan has undergone rapid modernisation and experienced intense Western influences in the above events, particularly American culture after the Second World War, which have a significant influence on the lifestyle of Japanese people and thus the traditional culture. Nevertheless, Japan today is renowned of its preservation of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. This paper will focus on the intangible culture of Japan that can still be found from the everyday life of contemporary Japanese people. This paper will first look at the religious practices, particularly the festivals and rites that are still being practiced by Japanese people in contemporary society, as traditional religions, Shinto and Buddhism, have been secularised and become an indispensible part in Japanese culture. In the second part, key terms that have been derived from traditional Japanese culture, namely the Japanese Way of Tea, religions, performing arts and literature will be explained to show the ways they embedded in the thoughts of Japanese people, which can be reflected from their everyday practices. Through demonstrating the connection between traditional Japanese culture and everyday life in contemporary Japan, this paper aims to highlight the irreplaceable position of the Japanese traditions in impacting its culture, while being invaded by other foreign cultures in contemporary era, as well as to accentuate the essence of traditional Japanese culture.
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