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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The effect of task structure and time structure on convergence activities using group support systemsCoombes, John Michael
2008The effect of technological progress, labor migration, and taste shift on Renminbi's real exchange rateXiao, Hong (肖紅)
Jun-2013Effect of topography on tropical cyclone tracksTANG, Chi Kit (鄧志傑); Chan, Johnny
2011The Effect of User-generated Content Websites on Human DynamicsWu, Jingjin
2008Effects and applications of interaction between silicon nanowire/carbon nanotube and biological moleculesYi, Changqing (易長青)
2011The effects electrode modifications on performance and stability of organic photovoltaic devicesLo, Ming Fai (盧明輝)
2011Effects of 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC) on neuronal and muscular development in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryosLi, Wai Tsun Vincent ( 李煒俊)
2010The effects of advising strength on users' trust/distrust beliefs in online recommendation agents : the moderating role of brand familiarityJia, Yanli (賈艷麗)
2009Effects of alpha particles on zebrafish embryos in vivoYum, Hoi Wa (任凱華)
2008Effects of a minor addition of Si, Sn and In on formation and mechanical properties of Cu-Zr-Al bulk metallic glassLau, Chung Yam (劉宗欽)
2011Effects of andrographolide and taxifolin on cell proliferation, cell cycle progression and apoptosis of prostate carcinoma DU145 cellsZhang, Zhongrong ( 張鐘融)
2004Effects of comparative advertising in high and low cognitive elaboration conditionsChow, Wing Chi (周詠芝)
2007The effects of cross-functional cooperation and competition on new product performance : how does knowledge management processes matter?Bian, Lin (卞琳)
2013Effects of culture priming on personal self-esteem, collective self-esteem, and life satisfaction among ethnic Chinese in Hong KongNg, Ting Kin (吳挺堅)
2014The effects of curing conditions on mortars using glass powder as cement replacement materialChoi, Ho Kin Tommy (蔡浩健)
2009Effects of deployment of artificial reefs on the marine benthic environment, with special reference to sediment physico-chemical characteristicsWai, Ho Yin (衛浩賢)
2015Effects of different annealing temperatures on the structures and magnetic properties of Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloyXializhati, Wumaier (夏丽扎提.吾买尔)
2009The effects of different design factors on comprehension performance and subjective evaluation for reading Chinese on LED displaySo, Chung Yin (蘇頌燕)
14-Aug-2015The Effects of Discovery-enriched Curriculum on Students' Learning Motivation and Strategy UseChow, Wing-yin
2006Effects of dissolved oxygen concentration on marine gastropod nassarius festivusChan, Ho Yan (陳可欣)

Showing results 1452 to 1471 of 4941 < previous   next >


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