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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Symbolic melodic similarity using proportional transportation distanceLeung, Ho Man
May-2016Synaptic plasticity of interlamellar CA1 network in the hippocampusTetteh, Hannah
2016Synchronization of Commonly Driven Semiconductor Laser in ChaosMehra, Anantika
2005Synchronizing classroom documentsTang, Yu Ling
2015Synchronous dancing CarLee, Wai Kwan
2016Synchronous vs Asynchronous Computation on Graph Blocks: a Comparative StudyGaur, Shivam
2013Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanowires from porous coppersSiu, Chun Kong (蕭振綱)
2007Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires and Silicon Nanowire Based Field Effect TransistorXiang, Jing Lei (項京雷)
2005Synthesis of oriented silicon nanowires by applying bias voltageChau, Penny Chin Yiu (周展耀)
14-Aug-2015Synthetic Environment for Information Security and Audit TrainingYue, Wei Thoo
Oct-2006System analysis of Lion Hill IT Consulting FirmChen, Cyril Yun Kai; Qiu, Jay Jie (邱杰); Lau, Vincent Tsz Hin (劉子軒); Tang, Mike Kwok Ho (鄧國豪)
2011The system of honorifics in the Korean languageWong, Kit Ying (王潔盈)
2010Systemic functional linguistics on bible translationWong, Kim Hoi Ki (黃愷琪)
Mar-2010Table-Obscura.II : IntimacyLee, Wing Shan (李穎珊)
2011Tag based File ManagerLau, Wai Ho
2013Tale of rebellious stoneNg, Kai Chung; Ng, Tsz Ching
2013Tale of Shek Tong Tsui West: Curating an exhibition for Hong Kong Museum of HistoryYu, Margaret (余幗婷); Wong, King Yi (黃景怡)
2012Talking as communicators: Effects of perceived media importance, group communication, and government-citizen interaction on online political discussionLiu, Na (劉娜)
Mar-2010TanchoSheikh, Oscar Ka Hei (識家希)
Aug-2006Target the staff, then target the market – how academic librarians can successfully reach the minds of new generations of studentsLam, Louisa MC; Storey, Colin; To, Teresa