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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A study of environmental protection practices in Hong Kong propertiesTse, Shiu Ting Kerry (謝肇廷); Lam, King Lok Pius (林敬樂); Lee, Chi Ching Cindy (李姿靜)
Dec-2008A Study of Gated Communities and NeighbourlinessChu, Ken Ka Po (朱家寶); Lee, Eric Tin Hung (李天雄); Siu, Tim Kit Pun (蕭傑斌)
2006Study of gray level properties of alpha-particle tracks in solid-state nuclear track detectorsLaw, Yi Lun (羅伊倫)
2015The study of historic building conservation policy and measure: a comparison between Hong Kong and MacauXu, Yongtao (徐永濤)
2015Study of impact on human brain wave activities due to EMI exposure.Sinha, Prasoon
2009The study of investment portfolio using K-meansLeung, Kwan Hang
2006Study of mobile phone radiation inside metallic elevatorTang, Chi Kit
2013Study of nanomaterials strengthened dissolving polymer microneedlesPang, Yik Man (彭譯民)
2009The study of network attacks by using complex network modelsWang, Meilin
2010The Study of Network Attacks by Using Complex Network ModelsMao, Linglin
2012Study of phase characteristics of long-period fiber gratingsHuang, Huanting
2010Study of Power Amplifier LinearizationWang, Dian (王典)
2005Study of power line communication techniqueLeung, Thomas Siu Hung
2014Study of reflectivity calculation errors in FDTD method with large angles of incidenceChan, Ping Hoi (陳炳海)
2011A Study of rumor spreading on small-world and scale-free social networksFong, Hung Yeung
Dec-2002A study of safety attitudinal divergence in a large-scaled construction projectYim, Timothy Heung Wing
2012Study of the gate drive circuit for MOSFET in high power applicationsYeung, Hin Lee
2008Study of the gate drive circuit on the electromagnetic radiationNg, Kin Shing
2006Study of ultra wideband monopole/dielectric resonator antennaChan, Yi Wah
Jun-2006The study of ultra wideband monopole/dielectric resonator antennaChan, Yi Wah (陳伊華)