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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Topic on construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridgeLam, Angus Wai Mau; Lau, Turbo Chung Wai; Leung, Diana Tik Yan; Lo, Ivy Ho Wai; Yip, Dennis Chak Hung
2012Topology optimization for continuum structure with numerical methodsXuan, Jiali (宣佳麗)
2012TotEM web portal - Mobileden Technology Ltd.He, Yaojian
2013Touch Screen Input System and Device Drivers Implementation for an Android-embedded CarKwok, Ka Fung
14-Aug-2015Touching Sound - Discovering New Aesthetics Through Tangible Sound MediaMizuta, Takuro
2006Toward a cognitive-interpersonal model of schizophrenic negative symptomsHung, Tak Shun
9-May-2014Toward a Refinement of the Theory and Practice of MarriagesLeung, Kathy Kam Ping
2004Towards adaptive web-based learning for database designChan, Sze Ki
Aug-2012Trace Ratio Optimization based Semi-Supervised Multimodal Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Marginal Manifold VisualizationZhang, Zhao (張召); Zhao, Mingbo (趙鳴博); Prof. Chow, Tommy Wai Shing (周偉誠教授)
2005Tracking people in video sequencesMei, Yingkai
2010Trading trash and creating destinies: Pakistani community in a second-hand market in Hong KongHo, Doris Wing Yung (何詠融)
2011Traffic modeling of telecom networks for a Smart GridWong, Sze Ip
2007Training e-PortalKong, Chun Kwok
2007Transaction translation from Xquery to SQLWong, Wing Nam
2007Transceiver strategy for distributed wireless systems for cellular communicationsCheng, Man Sang
2014Transformer-isolated LED lamp driverLam, Wai Kei
2015Transition design for active SIW componentsWang, Yaochen (王耀辰)
10-Mar-2016Translation as Affordance for Computational Creative WritingHowe, Daniel C.
2007Translation-based digital image stabilization techniquesChum, Wing Keung
Jul-2005Transmission characteristics of long-period waveguide grating couplersBai, Yukun; Chiang, Kin Seng