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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Web profiling and navigation path analysisLam, Ming Yan (林洺因)
2011Web service agent for auctioning - iBidYu, Chin Hung
2003Web service engine - web service remote procedure call (WSRPC)Lau, Chung Ki
2005Web services for efficient micro-payment protocolChui, Tommy Chak Pang
2007Web system for self-learning of english language (SEL) for primary studentsChiu, Hoi Wan
2007Web-based 3D model retrievalWong, Chi Hong
Jan-2008Web-based Chinese Handwriting Education SystemLi, Ka Ki (李家麒); Tang, Jeff Kai Tai (鄧啟泰)
9-May-2014A Web-based Collaborative Training System for Developing Smartphone ApplicationsChow, Chi Yin
2008A web-based conference management systemOr, Shing Hong
2012Web-based data management and analysis for basketball leaguesChan, Hiu Yan
2004Web-based diabetic diet expert systemCheung, Vivian Sum Wai
2008Web-based environment for managing undergraduates project-based learningTsoi, Wing Sze (蔡泳詩)
2008Web-based environment for managing undergraduates project-based learningTsoi, Wing Sze
2016Web-based Geographical Information System for Analyzing and Predicting TyphoonLee, Kwan Hau Thomas
2015Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System for Software SecurityCheung, Wing Sum
2010Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System in Sudoku for Logic TrainingHui, Wing Sze (許詠詩)
2007Web-based interactive guide for a shopping mallLam, So Mui
6-Jan-2017Web-based Learning Environment for Counselling Practicum StudentsLow, Andrew Yiu Tsang
21-Jan-2011Web-based Learning in Safety for Building and Construction Laboratory and Site WorksSiu, Vincent Yee-fai
2005Web-based Linux information server with efficient searching capability (Egg Technologies Ltd)Ko, Chi Lai