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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Broadband triangular monopole antennaWong, Wing Huen
2016Browser of Human Gene DataWan, Yuk Chi
2006Build securer STP network by network partitioningYan, Fan
22-Apr-2008Building a University's Institutional RepositoryChan, Diana L. H. (陈丽霞)
2007Building an institutional repository : sharing experiences at the HKUST LibraryLam, Ki-Tat; Chan, Diana L. H.
2014Building biobligraphic collaborating networks in an academic ranking system using the network deconvolution methodLiu, Xi
21-Jan-2011Building Practice in China - A Study for the Flexible Curriculum for All Building Related CoursesXue, Charlie Qiuli
Jan-2005Building services design for a proposed art center located at Yau Ma TeiHo, Ting Fai; Ng, Lok Ming; Wan, Siu Hong
Jan-2005Building services design for a proposed art center located at Yau Ma TeiSy, Mei Fun; Lam, Siu Man; Ng, Yee Ki
2009Bus arrival predictor on the platform of Google AndroidLam, Ka Ho (林家豪)
Apr-2003Bus positioning systemChan, Sandy Pui Shan (陳佩珊); Cheung, Steve Chi Shing (張志誠); Chow, Yu Kan (周瑜瑾)
2015Bus Schedule and Tracking SystemTong, Keith Chun Kit
2014Business growth strategies for Green Carbon InvestmentWang, Qi (王琦); Wong, Cheuk Fan (王卓勳); Xia, Weiwei (夏薇薇); Xu, Xiaoxi (徐小茜); Lu, Yingshi (卢颖诗); Pauli, Diederik (保利▪德迪瑞克)
2015Button antennaKwan, Ka Yi
Aug-2015C3: cooperative code positioning and cache locking for WCET minimizationLi, Fuyang (李富洋); Zhao, Mengying (趙夢瑩); Xue, C. J.
2003Caching for mobile clients in broadcast environmentsKwok, Yiu Pong
2-Jun-2008CALIS 引进资源集团采购 : 发展与评估Xiao, Long (肖珑)
3-Jun-2008CALIS 集团采购的共享模式案例分析Xiao, Long (肖珑)
2012CallTaxiChanSiu, Chun Shing
2013Cambodia, a successful developmental state in future?Chak, Ka Sin (翟家善)