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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006RF amplifiers linearization approach using suppression of even-order intermodulation distortion with adaptive biasingLeung, Wing Kam
2006RF circuits for ultra-wideband systemLeung, Tik Shun
13-Feb-2009RFID for CityU LibraryTai, Alice
2006RFID in warehouseChan, Pak Wai
2006RFID navigation and guidance system (NGS) for the visually impairedNg, William
2008RFID securitySo, Chun Wa (蘇振華)
2009RFID systems for librariesLuk, Wai Tong (陸偉棠)
2009The rhetoric of democracy : framing and re-framing political debates in Hong KongOksanen, Kaisa Maria
2005Rhizoma alimatis and its bioactive component alisol B 23-acetate reverse multidrug resistance phenotype in P-glycoprotein overexpression cancer cells / y Wang ChengWang, Cheng (王承)
2006Riben Han xue jia "Shui hu zhuan" yan jiu zong lun : yi jin ben "Shui hu zhuan" cheng shu qian zhi tan tao wei zhong xinWong, Hoi Sing (黃海星)
2003Rigorous analysis of the hemispherical dielectric resonator antenna with a parasitic patchNg, Hoi Kuen (吳海權)
2008Ring signature based certificateless cryptography and nominative signatureChang, Shuang (唱爽)
1999The rise of social organizations (Shetuan) in China: a sign of civil societyYuen, Pui Yee
2008Risk assessment of polybrominated diphenyl ethers, coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans in cetaceans in Hong Kong watersLau, Kwok Fung Ridge (劉國鋒)
2005Risks posed by environmental contaminants to the east and south coasts of ChinaFung, Cheuk Nang (馮卓能)
2012RNA structural motif recognitionShen, Ying (沈莹)
2011Robot for Household AutomationWong, Yee Tak
2014Robotic Car Implementation - Automatic NavigationHong, Yiwen
2014Robotic Car Implementation - Vision-based PositioningTam, Kwok Lun
Jan-2013Robot remote inspection technology facilitating safe operation of gas pipeWong, Siu Fai (黃紹輝); Tung, Kin Wang (董健宏); Leung, Kin Wa (梁健華); Tang, Lok Hin (鄧洛軒)

Showing results 3051 to 3070 of 4007 < previous   next >


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