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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Model-driven transmission power management for wireless sensor networksSha, Mo (沙漠)
2007Modeling, analysis and practical implementation of dimmable compact fluorescent lampTam, Pok Wai (譚博維)
2009Modeling and analysis of loading strategies for outbound logistics with RFID technologyWei, Jie (魏潔)
2008Modeling and analysis of the planar spiral inductor including the effect of magnetic-conductive electromagnetic shieldsSu, Yipeng (蘇奕鵬)
2003Modeling and animation of clothLou, Hong Fai
2006Modeling and cross-coupled contouring control of multi-axis CNC machine toolsTong, Ming Chau (唐明秋)
2006Modeling and forecasting Hong Kong tourist arrivalsCheung, Ka Yan (張家恩)
2013Modeling and forecasting implied volatility indices and the application in risk management and option tradingChen, Yanhui (陳彥暉)
2006Modeling and performance analysis of internet, WLAN and WMANLin, Lidong (林立東)
2004Modeling and rendering of image-based walkthrough environmentsSiu, Angus Ming Kin (蕭銘健)
2005Modeling and simulations of interfacial interactions and materials design for polymeric light emitting diodeSun, Shiling (孫世玲)
2006Modeling and tracking for WSSUS fading channelsShi, Xiaolin (師小琳)
2010A modeling approach for quality inspection in supply chain quality managementYan, Jiaqi (顏嘉麒)
2010Modeling diffraction gratings by modal methods and Chebyshev collocation Dirichlet-to-Neumann map methodSong, Dawei ( 宋大偉)
2010Modeling financial behaviors : trend-following investors, manipulators and credit loan consumersLiu, Ke (劉珂)
2014Modeling methods for residential energy consumption and user behaviors of online-targeted display advertisingGuan, Jingjing (關菁菁)
2014Modeling of close interactions between characters for multiple character motion synthesis and interactive applicationChan, Chun Pong (陳振邦)
2011Modeling of multiple character interactions for motion retrieval and synthesisTang, Kai Tai (鄧啟泰)
2009Modeling of nonlinear distributed parameter system for industrial thermal processesQI, Chenkun (齊臣坤)
2014Modeling of pedestrian behavioral dynamics in complex urban settings and built environmentWang, Weili (王維莉)

Showing results 3094 to 3113 of 5375 < previous   next >


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