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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Complexity issues in counting, polynomial evaluation and zero findingBriquel, Irénée
2004Complexity reduction in lattice-based information retrieval : theory, prototype development, and evaluationCheung, Siu King (張少琼)
2006Complex networks : from topology to dynamicsFan, Zhengping (范正平)
2004Component-based approach to electronic document exchange in R&D project managementLiang, Jiazhi (梁嘉智)
2010A Componential Approach to Bicultural Self Identity: Influence of Culture on Ingroup Inclusiveness and AttitudeChao, Cristiana Ka Ian (周嘉欣)
2006Comprehensive analysis of neutral point clamped inverterTsang, Man Wang
2007A comprehensive study of movement compatibility on common control-display configurationsChan, Wing Hong (陳永康)
2004Compressing illumination adjustable imagesPang, Chun Hei
2011A computational approach to English core vocabulary based on the British National CorpusLi, Hanhong (李漢宏)
2011Computational complexity optimization for scalable and multiview video codingZhao, Tiesong (趙鐵松)
2011Computational intelligence based models for earnings per share forecastingDong, Gang ( 董綱)
2001Computational issues on design and implementation of an autonomous guided vehicleMakatchev, Maxim
2010Computational methods in structural engineeringYang, Hao (楊浩)
2011Computational modeling, experimental and theoretical study on bond behaviors of hybrid-bonded FRP strengthened concrete structuresLiu, Kang ( 劉康)
2012Computational studies on conformations and properties of peptide and amino acid nanobiomolecular complexesWang, Cuihong (王翠紅)
2010Computational study on the structures, energetics and reactivity of some novel chemical systemsWang, Chao (王超)
2007Computation of light waves in linear and nonlinear wave-guiding structuresYuan, Lijun (袁利軍)
2010Computation of light waves in photonic crystal slabs and crossed gratingsYuan, Lijun (袁利軍)
2004Computations on Chinese morphologySun, Maosong (孫茂松)
2004Computer design and fabrication of the binary optical encoded element for digital hologramKwok, Kim Yan

Showing results 582 to 601 of 4169 < previous   next >


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