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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Design of High-Efficient Power Amplifier for Digitally-Assisted RF Transmitter ApplicationsFung, King Chun
2012Design of intelligent strategies for simulated soccer playerYick, Ka Ki
2011Design of Intelligent Strategies for Simulated Soccer PlayersAu Yeung, Weng Lok
2011Design of Low Conversion-loss High Order Sub-harmonic Mixers with CMRCLam, Wai Lun
2010Design of low cost scanning antenna arrayChu, Ka Ka
2011Design of Microwave FilterLee, Io Meng
2008Design of microwave filterCheung, Wai Hung
2004Design of microwave mixersChiu, Leung
2004Design of miniature dielectric resonator antennasCheung, Kwok Pan
2009Design of mobile phone antennaChong, Ho Fung
2005Design of planar coupling waveguide for diffractive optical element (DOE)Ho, Wing Fat
2007Design of printed antennas for RFID applicationsChu, Tommy Sai Hong
2009Design of printed diversity antenna for WiFi applicationLiu, Chi Hang
2007Design of radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC)Chen, Jiashu (陳嘉澍)
2007Design of radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC)Chen, Jiashu (陳嘉澍)
2011Design of resonant accelerometers based on DETF structureWong, Chi Yin
2007Design of RFID antennaChan, Lok Seng
2013Design of RFID antenna by using a patch antennaKu, Chow Long
2011Design of RFID antenna with an inductive feedKong, Ho Lun
2008Design of RFID antenna with an inductive feedLam, Chak Piu