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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016B-route (Ticket-chain)Fan, Hin Wai (范衍偉); Xin, Yan (辛艷); Hung, Lok Bun (熊珞斌)
Nov-2007b420Tang, Mathew Hon Keung (鄧漢強)
2013Baby health care Android development with BluetoothLam, Chi Chuen
2017Back and forthChan, Johnny; Chan, Frankie; Chan, Kelly; Chan, Yan Ming; Kwan, Eunice; Kwan, Kylie; Lam, Hayley; Wong, Charles
Oct-2007The BackpackerChan, Ryan Hon Yan (陳瀚恩)
2005BALL: designing and implementing network black boxLi, Anthony Yat Wan
2011Bandpass filter with wide stopbandChan, Wa
Jan-2016Bank and retailer financing for a capital constrained supplierHuang, Weixiang (黃偉祥); Li, Yanzhi; Hu, Qiaohai
2014BCI remote controlYeung, Daniel Wun Nam
2011BeagleBoard LCD interface and device driver implementation for an Android embedded platformYeung, Shun Cheung
2013BeagleBoard: Expansion Board and Navigation SystemHo, Man Chun
2015The beautyholic - Skin care Recommendation SystemTam, On Ting
2015The behavior of FRP-confined short concrete columns subjected to eccentric loadingWong, Hei Long (黃羲朗)
2017Behavioral PIN verificationPanda, Sourav
Jun-2016Behold the oldJethani, Nirav Sunil; Lee, Kam Wing; Leung, Chung Sze; Wong, Hong Yiu
2011Bicultural self-efficacy and bicultural identity integration of mainland students in Hong Kong: Their impact on students’ sociocultural adaptation and academic performanceLu, Yiqing (陸依晴)
2016Big Data Ananlysis on housing price index from mass media, govertment data and the real estate dataLam, Chi Ho
2014Bike safety application for Android platformTse, Kan Lam
2018Bike TrainingChan, Wing Ho
2013Binary- and multi-class group sparse canonical correlation analysis for discriminant feature extraction and classificationZhang, Zhao (張召)