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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Safety professionals' perceptions to risk assessment of Hong Kong construction industryTung, Karen Cheuk Fan (董卓芬)
2012The Saga of an Asian Tiger : Taiwan's foreign reserves, exchange rates, capital control and the hot money in the 1980sHuang, Lih-Yueh Lydiya (黃皪月)
9-May-2014SA Graduates Core Competencies ChronicleCheung, Arthur Kam Chuen
2008Saint Venant compatibility conditions in curvilinear coordinates and applications to elasticityShen, Ming (沈鳴)
2006Salesforce compensation plan for an industrial products manufacturer’s representativeCheung, Stephen Wai Kwong (張偉光)
2013Sampling web images for large-scale concept learningZhu, Shiai (朱世艾)
2011Sand Art Design for iPadFung, Chi Wa (馮志華)
2014SAR and Thermal Model in detailed evaluation human eye model exposed to electromagnetic waveHui, Mei Suet
2012SAR evaluation of mobile communication devices using detail human head modelTse, Kwong Ping
2013SAR evaluation of portable wireless communication devices by using fractional body modelsYuen, Bruno Pak Hei
2011SAR Evaluation of portable wireless communication devices using Fractional Body Models -ITam, Ka Ho
2005A SAR reduction study on ground plane configurations of mobile phonesChan, Chi Hung
2014Satellite measurements of tropospheric trace gas distributions on a regional and urban scaleKuhlmann, Gerrit (0)
2005Satisfaction with internet-based services : a contingency theoryLiu, Vanessa Shun-wah (廖舜華)
2006Saving, growth and financial market imperfections in transitional China : simulation analysis and empirical investigationFeng, Liling (馮麗玲)
2009Scaffolding systems in Hong Kong : current practice and development of MBMSSSo, Yu Shing (蘇汝成)
2014Scalable and accurate dynamic texture models with applications to computer visionMumtaz, Adeel (0)
2015Scalable artistic LED bar for light paintingMui, Ka Tsun (梅家俊)
2015Scalable Artistic LEDs Bar for Light PaintingMui, Ka Tsun
2006Scheduling and sampling technologies for sensor dataHan, Song (韓松)

Showing results 4161 to 4180 of 5375 < previous   next >


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