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Title: A compact CPW resonant cell perforated on ground plane
Authors: Mo, Ting Ting (莫婷婷)
Xue, Quan
Chan, Chi Hou
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering (Mo, T. T.; Prof. Chan, C. H.), Wireless Communications Research Centre (Dr. Xue, Q.)
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Award: Mo Ting Ting won the Championship (MTT Session) in the 5th IEEE(HK/Macau) AP/MTT Postgraduate Conference organized by IEEE (HK-Section) AP/MTT Committee in 2004.
Type: Article
Abstract: This paper reports a subsequent study of compact CPW resonant cell (CCRC). By transferring the etching pattern from centerline to the ground plane, it is found the main features of standard CCRC, say, stop-band and slow-wave effect, can be totally inherited by the newly proposed ground CCRC. To gain a physical insight of this structure, a transmission line model has been suggested firstly; to reveal the strategy of stop-band controlling, several typical parameters have been discussed secondly; and to verify our proposal and the simulation results, experiments have been conducted at last. Highly agreement has been achieved.
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