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Title: All things are under control: the applications of mathematical modeling in SARS
Authors: Wu, Benjamin Boping (吳伯平)
Liang, Xiangdong (梁向東)
Huang, Yuanyuan (黃媛媛)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering (Wu, B.); Department of Mathematics (Liang, X. D.; Huang, Y. Y.)
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Award: Won the First Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) (全國大學生數學建模競賽) organized by China Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education (教育部高等教育司) and China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (中國工業與應用數學學會) in 2003.
Supervisor: Dr. Wylie, Jonathan, Department of Mathematics
Type: Article
Abstract: In this paper we fulfilled four tasks. So we divide our paper into corresponding four sections. According to the request, we discuss the strongpoint and weakness of the given model in the first section. In the third section, we discuss the effect of the SARS on tourism of Beijing. And there is a demotic essay on the essentiality of the mathematical model for infectious diseases in the last section of the paper. The core section is the second section, which is to develop our new model. We accomplish it by dividing it into three parts. First, we use a deterministic ODE (Ordinary Differential Equation) model of SARS to predict the tendency of epidemic situation and to provide information for the prevention and controlling of SARS. Then we draw some graphs to compare estimated data and reported data to test the precision of our model in virtue of MATLAB. Also we analyze the effect of intervention of government and health agency on the transmission of SARS from the graphs. In the end, we discuss the advantage and shortness of the new model.
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