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Title: Recent developments of plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) in surface modification and engineering
Authors: Fu, Ricky King Yu (傅勁裕)
Chu, Paul K.
Department: Department of Physics and Materials Science (Fu, R.; Prof. Chu, P.)
Issue Date: Nov-2004
Award: Won the Excellent Young Scientist Paper Award in the 2004 Chinese Materials Research Conference (2004年中國材料研討會) organized by the Chinese Materials Research Society (China).
Type: Article
Abstract: Plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) has been shown to be an effective technique for surface modification due to its high efficiency and large-area processing capability. In this work, the recent breakthroughs, developments and applications of PIII are presented. Works on Si-based and polymeric materials show excel surface characteristics in terms of biocompability, bioactivity, and wettability. For example, hydrogen plasma implantation into single-crystal silicon gives rise to high bioactivity and growth of apatite when immersed in SBF solutions. Amido-materials of Nylon-6 plasma implanted with a gas mixture of oxygen and nitrogen also demonstrate great improvement in the surface wetting properties due to the formation of polar functional groups of amine, alcohol and carbonyl groups. In addition, the formation of metal carbides and fluorides in fluorine-based Teflon materials by metal implantation enhances the surface energy.
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