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Title: Novel design of multiband base station antenna for 2G and 3G mobile communication systems
Authors: Yang, Steven Shing Lung (楊承隆)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Award: Won the Championship (Undergraduate Category) in the IEE Hong Kong Younger Members Section Paper Contest 2003.
Won the Third prize (Undergraduate Section) in the IEEE Hong Kong Section Student Paper Contest 2003.
Supervisor: Prof. Luk, K. M.
Type: Article
Abstract: In the last few years, a large technological jump has taken place in the field of mobile communications, due to the introduction of new mobile communication standards. Apart from the analogue technology (1G) we used in 10 years ago. We are moving from the digital GSM/PCS/CDMA (2G) and GPRS/EDGE (2.5G) to the UMTS (3G) system. The requirements on the antennas needed for the ever expanding networks are becoming continually higher: – Good input matching across a wide frequency band. – Strictly defined radiation patterns for a most accurate network planning. - Electrical down-tilting of the vertical diagram. Due to the incompatible of the mobile devices with new standards, network operators could not force their users to move on to the new system. It is necessary to design antennas which work for both new and old standards, to have backward compatibility. For an antenna covering multiband can be defined as “Wideband Antenna”. In the paper, the characteristics of the wideband hexagonal shape stacked patch L-probe antenna and arrays will be studied and tested.
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