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Title: A wideband monopolar patch antenna
Authors: Lau, Ka Leung
Luk, Kwai Man
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering (Lau, K. L.; Prof. Luk, K. M.)
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Award: Lau Ka-leung won the Best paper Award (AP Session) in the IEEE Hong Kong AP/MTT and LEOS Postgraduate Conference organized by IEEE (HK-Section) AP/MTT Committee in 2003.
Type: Article
Abstract: A monopolar patch antenna that utilizes a novel bandwidth broadening technique is investigated experimentally and numerically. The proposed antenna consists of four trapezoidal plates that are connected orthogonally. A circular patch, which is shorted to the circular ground plane by four shorting wires, is placed at the top of them. The antenna possesses 10- and 14-dB return loss bandwidths of 138% and 107.2% respectively, which is about 49 times that of the corresponding monopolar wire-patch antenna. Also, it provides monopole-like radiation patterns over such wide operating bandwidth. As the proposed antenna can achieve such wide impedance bandwidth with relatively low profile, it is very suitable for multi-band mobile communication systems.
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