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Title: Great Olympics, great gathering: application of a mathematical model for planning the layout of temporary mini supermarkets for the Olympic Games
Authors: Qi, Qi (祁琦)
Xu, Zhou (徐舟)
Chen, James Xiaojun (陳曉俊)
Department: Department of Mathematics (Qi, Q.; Xu, Z.); Department of Electronic Engineering (Chen, J.)
Issue Date: 2004
Award: Won the Second Prize in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) (全國大學生數學建模競賽) organized by the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (中國工業及應用數學學會) in 2004.
Supervisor: Dr. Wylie, Jonathan James
Type: Article
Abstract: In this paper we assume four tasks which are to use the results of the questionnaire to understand the characteristics of spectators with regard to transportations, meals and purchasing power, to calculate consumer flux, to decide the number and the size of the Mini Supermarkets in the 20 shopping centers and to show that our model is reasonable and the result is practicable. We first look into the statistics of the questionnaire and do some scientific research on the statistics. After sorting and rearranging the statistics, we can easily find some basic features of the spectators in tours, meals and purchase. And then we will use the χ-test to estimate our hypothesis. Then some of the parameters in one set are independent of the ones in another. To calculate the consumer flux, we set up the first model to easily represent the complex process of the problem. But there are some drawbacks in the model we have established although it is a good one to solve the second problem. So as a result, we set up a second model which is better to determine the detailed information of the number and size of the MS. In the end, we will discuss about the strong points and weakness of every assumption we made and thus showing that our model is reasonable.
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