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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Theoretical study of STₒ qubit implemented in DQD using 1D exactly solvable double well potentialChan, Guo Xuan (曾國軒)
2017Development of gas sensor system for smart homeLing, Lin (凌霖)
2017Quantitative analysis of sodium in self-raising flour by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyWong, Pak Lok Conrad (黃柏樂)
2016Hydrogen evolution involved electrodeposition of Cu-Ni alloys and dealloying for supercapacitor applicationLee, Sin Ching (李倩晴)
2016Controlling the morphology of core-shell nanoparticlesZhang, Weiwei (張煒瑋)
2016Preparation and piezoelectric properties of modified Ba(Zr0.06T0.94)O3–x(Ba0.91Ca0.09)TiO3 – origin of piezoelectricity: perspective from phase transitionLeong, Kit Long Ken (梁劼朗)
2015Effects of different annealing temperatures on the structures and magnetic properties of Co78.3B8.7Si13 alloyXializhati, Wumaier (夏丽扎提.吾买尔)
2015Ni-free shape memory alloys (SMA) for biomedical applicationLam, Yuk Pong (林煜邦)
2015Diffusion of gold nanoparticle in water and tolueneLeung, Wing Yee (梁詠儀)
2014Stability of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles in different mediaNg, Hoi Pong (吳凱邦)
20143-APTES modified graphene oxide strengthened dissolving polymer microneedle arrays for transdermal deliveryNg, Chung Chung (伍聰聰)
2014Study of reflectivity calculation errors in FDTD method with large angles of incidenceChan, Ping Hoi (陳炳海)
2013Study of nanomaterials strengthened dissolving polymer microneedlesPang, Yik Man (彭譯民)
2013Biophysics of alpha particles in zebrafish embryos (in vivo)Kong, Yi (江怡)
2012Super-hard coatings with materials based on ternary AlMgB matricesTsang, Mei Ka (曾美嘉)
2011Numerical simulation and characterization of photonic/plasmonic devicesFoo, Yishu (胡亦抒)
2011Light emitting diodes based on ZnO nanowiresChan, Hiu Laam (陳曉嵐)
2010Electrochemical performance of Li(NMC)O2 cathode materials for Li-ion batteriesLiu, Hao (劉浩)
2009Arrays of ZnO nanowires for photovoltaic devicesWang, Yunqi (王韞琦)
2008Effects of a minor addition of Si, Sn and In on formation and mechanical properties of Cu-Zr-Al bulk metallic glassLau, Chung Yam (劉宗欽)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27