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Title: A high performance self-oscillating sub-harmonic mixer (SO-SHM) incorporating compact microstrip resonant cell (CMRC) for wireless sensor application
Authors: Cheng, Anthony Tsan Fung (鄭燦鋒)
Chiu, Leung (趙樑)
Yum, Kenji Tsz Yin (任子賢)
Xue, Quan
Chan, Chi Hou
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering (Cheng, A.; Chui, L.; Yum, K.; Dr. Xue, Q.; Prof. Chan, C. H.)
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Award: Anthony T.F. Cheng won the Championship (Undergraduate Section) in the IEE Hong Kong Younger Members Section Paper Contest 2004.
Type: Article
Abstract: A new self-oscillating sub-harmonic mixer (SOSHM) is developed for low-cost wireless sensor application. The mixer employed an improved compact microstrip resonant cell (CMRC) and its open-short dual band stub (DBS). Incorporating the in-line CMRC and DBS into our new SOSHM, we can provide suitable oscillation for the LO frequency and terminations to all major unwanted mixing products, leading to a unique high conversion gain design. Our SOSHM with a measured 8.5-dB single side-band (SSB) down-conversion gain at 8.2 GHz RF signal outperforms typical designs of 3 dB conversion gain, and represents a recorded high performance for a planar X-band harmonic active mixer. Measured LO-RF isolation is better than 50 dB for RF ranges of 7.5-10 GHz. The novel design achieved state-of-the-art performances at a much-reduced complexity and power consumption, definitely making it a viable candidate to low-cost high performance wireless sensing subsystems.
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