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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017State and market in China: the China experience – a viable model for the development of other developing countries?Oliver
2016How do social entrepreneurs respond to HIV/AIDS epidemic: a qualitative discourse analysisShang, Liang (商靚)
2015Organizational compassion in social enterprises: arguing for a new research sub-streamParas, Arnil
2013How did the Hong Kong Democratic Party and the Central Government in Beijing reach a compromise on the 2010 political reform package?Lam, Chun To (林俊濤); Lo, Chun Yin (盧俊賢); Wan, Chi Sing (温志昇); Wong, Man Kit (王文杰)
2013Housing subsidies in Hong KongNg, Chung Hin Antonio (吳仲軒); Ng, Wai Kei Ran (吳偉基); Mok, Man Chun Manfred (莫文俊); Ip, Ka Wai Crystal (葉嘉惠)
2013Relationship between the Japanese environmental movements and community policing in JapanLo, Tsz On (盧芷安)
2013Sustainable development: Why gender mattersWong, Oi Mei (王愛媚)
2013Gating machine in Hong KongChan, Hok Yu Jasper (陳學禹); Chan, Ka Leung Alvin (陳家亮); Law, Wai Leung Patrick (羅偉良); Yip, Wing Yan Katherine (葉詠茵)
2013Discussing the effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as an instrument for sustainable development of land in Hong KongLo, Judy (盧適允)
2013Water resources management in SingaporeChau, Tsz Kin Adam (鄒子健)
2013Waste reduction at sourceMak, Hoi Shan Kiki (麥凱珊); Wu, Yuen Ning Keiko (胡婉寧); Yim, Shun Yee Sharon (嚴舜怡); Yu, Shuk Ting Tiffany (余淑婷)
2012Implementation of carbon taxes in Hong Kong: Level of intention and willingness to pay among undergraduate students in City University of Hong KongHo, Lai Sha (賀麗莎)
2012Job satisfaction in public sectors: Research on the Hong Kong Customs and Excise DepartmentMan, Chun Hin Roy (文俊軒); Siu, Fai Sing Fritz (蕭徽升); Chan, Wai Yin Karen (陳蕙姸); Hung, Chun Lung Budd (洪俊龍); Wong, Tsz Fung Benson (黃梓豐)
2012Individual diary assessment on Immigration Department of HKSARGLam, Tak Hung Chrystie (林德紅)
2012Power structure in contemporary Hong Kong: A case study of “Initial statutory minimum wage rate settlement” in 2010Kwong, Ying Ho (鄺英豪)
2011A student’s portfolio report for the course “Experiencing China"Dunn, Alexander John
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16