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Title: Retrodirective array for RFID and microwave tracking beacon applications
Authors: Chang, Vinci Wan Si (張韻思)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Award: Won the Championship (Undergraduate Section) in the IEE Hong Kong Younger Members Section Paper Contest 2005.
Won the Champion of the Best Paper Awards (AP Session) in the 6th IEEE (HK) AP/MTT Postgraduate Conference organized by IEEE (HK-Section) AP/MTT Committee in 2005.
Won the First Prize (Undergraduate Section) in the IEEE Hong Kong Section Student Paper Contest 2005.
Supervisor: Prof. Chan, Chi Hou
Subjects: Antenna arrays
Phase conjugation
Conversion gain (C.G.)
Retrodirective array (RDA)
Type: Article
Abstract: A novel and compact four-element retrodirective array (RDA) prototype is realized. It demonstrates excellent performance in terms of retrodirectivity and sensitivity. Each element employs a phase conjugator (a biased FET mixer) with a conversion gain of 5.46 dB. The LO is set at 19.61 GHz and is pumped into the element while the RF operates at 9.8 GHz. The mixer generates an IF signal with a frequency offset of 10 MHz from the RF to separate the transponded signal from the interrogating signal. Retrodirectivity is observed over a wide range of incidence angles from -50° to +50°.
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